Broadcast Buck

  Broadcast Buck is pretty excited. Turns out the “Exotica” Into It segment was announced the second-place winner of the Kansas Association of Broadcasters 2011 Editorial/Commentary category. Many thanks and congrats to go around this year. A big nod to Jedd Beaudoin, Fletcher Powell, …

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Blue Holes

  Jacques Cousteau drew attention to blue holes, or submerged caves, when he sailed his research ship Calypso into Belize to chart the depth of the “Great Blue Hole.” Surprisingly, blue holes have garnered little attention aside from tourism until recent years. …

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Your Friendly Barber Surgeon

    Click HERE if you’re interested in: Barber Poles Loneliness The Middle Ages Bloodletting Fire Cupping Dentistry Leeching Wash Basins Veins Old Men With Razors Barber-Surgeons Grasshoppers Canada Ice Hockey (see Dentistry) Parachuting Other forms of falling and/or spinning Cylinders Beach …

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