Mississippi Review 2018 Fiction Prize Winner
Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers, 2nd Place
Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction Award, Finalist
Beecher’s First Annual Fiction Contest, Runner-Up

Mississippi Review “Pinkie” (Summer 2018, Issue 46 1&2)
– Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 
– Reprinted in New Stories From the Midwest 2020

Passages North “Year of the Cow” (March 2018, Issue 39)
Best Microfiction Nomination

Electric Literature “Thumb Wars” (February 2018)

DIAGRAM “Fordlândia” (Fall 2016)

Gargoyle “Tori Lawson’s Perfect Mouth” (Summer 2015)

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency “Comments From the Carpenters Fall Workshop” (Fall 2014)

Tin House “Big A, Little A” (Spring 2014)

Ghost Town “Whiteout” (Fall 2013)

The Economy  “Sounds That Still Terrify Me in My Own Home” (Spring 2013)

Juked (Fall 2012) “I am the Sea Captain, I am Lance Armstrong, I am Tonya Harding”
– Reprinted in The Way We Sleep (Spring 2013, Curbside Splendor Press)

Bateau 5.1 “Jellyfish” (January 2013)

New Delta Review “An Annotated List” (Fall 2011)
– Reprinted in NDR Best of the Web 2010-2013. (Spring 2013)

Midwestern Gothic “Pancake People” (Fall 2011)

Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction Volume 5 “Wolf Blitzer” (Summer 2011)

Johnny America “100 Miles From Memphis” (Online: Spring 2011. Print: Issue 9, Fall 2011)

Touchstone  “Lemons” (Spring 2011)

Nano Fiction 4.2  “The Search” (Spring 2011)

Nano Fiction 4.2 “Jumper” (Spring 2011)


Free Code Camp “How to see your React state & props in the browser”

Free Code Camp “How to scrape with Ruby and Nokogiri and map the data” (Included in TechBurst’s “Ruby on Rails Top 10 Articles”)

Free Code Camp “How you can build a terminal game with CSV and Ruby”

Free Code Camp “Build a Best Sellers List with New York Times and Google Books API”

Hacker Noon “How to Build a Collaborative MIDI App with Express.js & Socket.io” (Republished by The MIDI Association)


American Short Fiction “Interview with Bret Anthony Johnston.” Johnston discusses Remember Me Like This, the privacy of characters, and a strange encounter at a clown convention that led to his story in ASF.  (Fall 2014)

American Short Fiction “Interview with Monica McFawn.” A discussion with featured writer Monica McFawn. (Fall 2013)

mojo Issue 02 “Creatures: Q&A with Nicholas Di Genova.” Featured artist Nicholas Di Genova talks about the process of creating his signature creatures. (Spring 2012)

MAKE: A Chicago Literary Magazine “Locked Out: An Interview with Randy Regier.” Toy maker and installation artist Randy Regier discusses NuPenny, the eternally-locked toy store. (January 2012)

mojo Issue 01 “Scrawls and Dots: An Interview with Heiko Müller.” Artist Heiko Müller discusses his background and the concepts behind his most recent paintings. (Fall 2011)

Fractions Installment 2.5 “Chicago Karaoke.” Interview with Bobby Berg, musician of Joan of Arc, Make Believe, Chin Up Chin UP, and Love of Everything. (Summer 2010)

Fractions Installment 02 “Submerged and Smiling.” Interviewing with Amsterdam designer Mandy Smith. (Spring 2010)

Fractions Installment 01 “Shooting Pretty Girls.” Interviewing with photographer David Hornback. (Fall 2009)


TROP  Leaving the Sea with Ben Marcus: A Report from the Mountain

PANK  Retrospective of Dennis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son