Designing is a playful process for me. I’ve spent weeks with archival material at Riordan Clinic, experimented with BigGAN models, made collages with Photoshop, mocked up ideas with Sketch, and used Illustrator to give a human touch to digital work.


I share images & videos created with the help of Google’s BigGAN model on Instagram.

“Barn” — Skipping around years (and even epochs) with various BigGAN images focusing on the sense of a single location.
“The Twins” are alive.

Riordan Clinic

Collage created with archival materials from Riordan Clinic.

Miracle Monocole

Digital collage pieces from marbled paper and photography. Published in Issue 10 of Miracle Monocle

Carl for Scale

I’m pretty fond of a dog named Carl.I had fun plopping him down beside various buildings and landmarks, in what would be dubbed “Carl for Scale.”

Imagined Books