Designing is a playful process for me. I’ve spent weeks with archival material at Riordan Clinic, produced videos with BigGAN & StyleGAN, made collages with Photoshop, and mocked up ideas with Figma. Lately, I’ve been learning to make 3D models with blender and illustrate with Procreate.

Thinking with BigGAN & StyleGAN

“Barn” — This piece shows how a single place can change dramatically over time. Transporting across years (and even epochs), I created this loop by arranging hand-picked BigGAN images and layering in dates and sounds.
“The Twins” — The stills that make up this video were created from variations of a single BigGAN image. I then edited together the frames and layered sound.

I’m fascinated by the history that feels vivid and alive. I’ve collected real picture postcards and cabinet cards for years, so it was exciting to give them depth and movement with StyleGan.

Riordan Clinic Archives

I was granted access to the Riordan Clinic archives, a trove of photos, slides, and documents from the construction of the iconic Wichita campus. I wanted to create images that captured the yearning for progress and the future, but also the uneasy wonder that the landscape and structures make you feel when you spend time there.



Miracle Monocole

Digital collage pieces from marbled paper and photography. Published in Issue 10 of Miracle Monocle

Carl for Scale

I’m pretty fond of a dog named Carl.I had fun plopping him down beside various buildings and landmarks, in what would be dubbed “Carl for Scale.”

Imagined Books