2018 Mississippi Review Prize in Fiction

Thrilled to hear that my story “Pinkie” was selected by Anne Sanow as the winner of the 2018 Mississippi Review Prize in Fiction. My deep thanks to Adam Clay, Jon Riccio, Nickalus Rupert for their support.

Looking forward to reading the issue, including stories from fiction finalists Rowena Alegría, Maria Anderson, Remy Barnes, Allison Pinkerton, Jim Ruland, Jamie Lyn Smith, and Sharon Solwitz.

A brief history of the Mississippi Review:

Mississippi Review was founded by Gordon Weaver in 1972 at the University of Southern Mississippi. Frederick Barthelme took over the editorial reins in 1977 and along with managing editor Rie Fortenberry quickly turned MR into a literary magazine of national acclaim. The duo ran Mississippi Review for over 30 years, consistently publishing issues that combined top-tier work with an innovative and eclectic design aesthetic. In 2010 Julia Johnson became editor-in-chief, followed two years later by Andrew Malan Milward. Steve Barthelme, director of USM’s Center for Writers, served as editor-in-chief for 2016. As of fall 2017, Assistant Professor of Poetry Adam Clay is the new editor-in-chief.

Today, MR is one of the most respected literary journals in the country. Raymond Carver, an early contributor to the magazine, once said that Mississippi Review “is one of the most remarkable and indispensable literary journals of our time.” Well-known and established writers have appeared in the pages of the magazine, including Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, as well as new and emerging writers who have gone on to publish books and to receive awards. MR is now in its fifth decade, and while adapting to this up-and-coming generation of writers and readers, the magazine continues to publish writing that is offbeat and ahead of the curve.