Wolf Blitzer as a Child

My story “Wolf Blitzer” appears in the newly released Fast Forward Press collection The Incredible Shrinking Story, edited by Kona Morris. I got my copy in the mail yesterday, and it looks great. The stories range from 1,000 words all the way down to 6. Already, I’ve read great stories by Kyle Hemmings and Sophie Rosenblum– I love the title of her story: “The Promise of Lego Builders.”

About “Wolf Blitzer”:

Maybe it was my own kind of celebrity gossip phase or the compounding results of too much coffee and seasonal affective disorder, but last fall I began writing short stories based on media figures.

The first story was nearly non-fiction. I wrote it following a tour with the band The World Palestine where we’d made our way up to Chicago and back via Missouri. One of our last stops was St. Louis. We played a small community center in the “Lemp” district for a handful of people who happened to  peek in on their way to an Irish pub next door. The small space was thick with paint fumes, as the twelve-foot walls were still fresh with high gloss white paint, buckets still open and brushes dripping. A bad tube in one of the amps could likely have ignited the little center, making a firework display of us. Snoring on their couches that night probably cost us a year or two, but before that we wound up following the pub-goers next door. One girl with scoliosis and sly smile called herself Kim Kardashian. At the pub [here you can imagine gaudy greens and bolt-on Irish paraphernalia, some perverse after-hours Applebee’s], Kim Kardashian knew everyone. She knew the bartender. She knew the burley guys propping their pear-shaped bodies on tattooed arms. She knew the haggard biker gals that wanted to sit on their laps, but instead draped their arms over the pear-men’s shoulders. She knew all six members of the pop/celtic/bluegrass band squashed into a corner, their keyboard balanced across two chairs and violinists stretching their arms behind big TV sets showing sports. Kim Kardashian, by the time she’d bought us a few buckets filled with Coors Light knew us about as well as we could figure ourselves out around that time.

It was later, that fall, when I started writing fiction, casting the likes of Lydia Davis, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Leo D’Cap, Rush Limbaugh, James Carville, and finally Wolf Blitzer as the protagonist.

If you’re in Denver September 16th, attend the release party! If not, snag a copy on their website.

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